At one highly charged staff Christmas party in 2000, we challenged our then boss Paul Turner - who had been telling us what a great guitar player he was - to show us. Us being me, Ernie and Phil Cater. So we hired a studio room off
Whitehouse Road in Bedminster (hence the band's name) and all turned up completely 'blind' to what each other could actually do. We were genuinely shocked when we started to find that we could all actually play - even Paul who also took the mantle of lead singer with Ernieproviding backing/harmonies. Phil left Whytehouse in 2010 to concentrate on writing but we all remain grateful for his contribution as one of the founder members of the Band.

 We played all sorts of stuff and even made a very bad mini disc recording, but never gigged. Paul moved on to conquer America and Simon and Mike joined us. Shortly afterwards Kevin found himself hooked and this long standing line up
remained until Phil’s departure in 2010. We recorded our first CD in November 2004 and have played a wide range of gigs in the South West and the Midlands, including night clubs, black-tie balls, private parties, weddings and sports club events, both indoors and outside. Our aim is to give people the chance to really enjoy themselves and to dance and get closely involved with some of the very best music from the 1960’s right up to the current day! At the same time we raise money for charities that are particularly “close to our hearts” Last year our running total exceeded £11,000 and with your help we hope to keep going and increase the giving at each gig. Our catalogue is now over 50 songs and growing - see Songs page.

Because of working committments the band cannot devote as much time as we would like to live work, but are hoping to do more gigging and recording a fresh album within the next year. We do, religiously rehearse at least once a month in a professional studio in Bristol, quite apart from individual practicing.

Thank you all for your support...

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